Accept credit cards at your business with Sumup

Looking at accepting credit cards at your business?  We have partnered with Sumup who currently have their card processor on offer until 28/2/2018.  This cost effect way of accepting cards also works with contactless, Apple pay and Android Pay.

There are no monthly fees and no contractual obligations to SumUp.
You will only be charged a transaction fee of 1.69% (UK) / 2.75% (Ireland) per card payment no matter the card type. There are no differences between the different card schemes (MasterCard, Visa, American Express). 

The Sumup air card reader connects to your apple or android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The card reader is ideal for a range of businesses such as taxis, cafes, shop, festival retailers and many more.

The SumUp Air Card Reader is our latest card reader and the perfect partner for your business. Here are some facts:

  • Connects via Bluetooth.
  • Accepts chip and contactless payments (NFC).
  • Transaction is authorised by customer via PIN on the card reader itself or via signature in our SumUp App.
  • Charges via USB cable connected to your computer, another power source or the SumUp Cradle.
  • Battery lasts up to 500 transactions.
  • Accepted Cards: Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, V PAY, Visa

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